Jacked 3d Micro Pre Workout Supplement

The incredible popularity of the pre workout supplement Jacked 3d has led its manufacturers to create a new brand of the product. USP Labs has now introduced Jacked 3d Micro to the market. This particular pre workout supplement displays several differences from its predecessor, while also being just as effective.

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Although Jacked 3d has been a wild success, it has also garnered its fair share of controversy as well. One of the major complaints is its use of the ingredient DMAA. Also known as dimethylamyaline, it is responsible for the intense boost of energy experienced while using Jacked 3d. It also has been named as responsible for the deaths of several people who used Jacked 3d. This has led the pre workout supplement to be banned in countries like Canada and the UK, as well as in many professional athletic leagues and organizations.

A Whole New Formula

 What sets Jacked 3d Micro apart from its predecessor is that it boasts a completely different formula. The only ingredient the two products have in common is caffeine. Otherwise, Jacked 3d Micro is almost totally free of any stimulants, including DMAA. As the manufacturers remain ever aware of the controversy surrounding Jacked 3d, they felt the need to create an entirely new product and assure their consumers of the safety of using Jacked 3d Micro as their pre workout supplement of choice.

Ingredients in Jacked 3d Micro

 The manufacturers of Jacked 3d Micro claim that the singular reason for designing the product was to deliver a “mind blowing performance” to their customers. Many of the ingredients contribute to this experience. In addition to caffeine, Jacked 3d Micro also contains Vitamin C, which is not only an antioxidant but can help to improve nitric oxide effects in the body. Another antioxidant that boosts nitric oxide is grape seed extract, which is also found in the product. It also contains l-citrulline, arginine nitrate, norcoclaurine and agmatine sulfate, among other ingredients.

Jacked 3d Micro Reviews

 On the product’s official website, one satisfied customer sounds off on his experience using Jacked 3d Micro. He says that the effects after using the pre workout supplement became more noticeable after just a few weeks. He describes his energy level as intensifying but not in a “jittery” way. Instead, he felt very clear, fresh, and focused. “In the zone” is the manner in which he describes it. Jacked 3d Micro yielded great results, as he added ten pounds on to his squat clean limit, coming in at 285 pounds and also ten pounds on to his front squat, at 345 pounds.

More Jacked 3d Micro Reviews

 Other customers are weighing in around the web as well. There are several customer reviews on amazon for the pre workout supplement. It has a rating of three stars. Most of the negative reviews on the site compare this new formula to the original Jacked 3d, claiming to not be impressed. Plenty of customers disagree, though. Dominik Langston claims that “this stuff really works” in his five-star review of the product. The user Scott says the product is “amazing”, going so far as to call it “liquid motivation.” Lance Whitimer was recommended the product by a fellow gym member and uses it faithfully.

These and other positive reviews online support the view that UPS Labs has succeeded at creating another highly effective and potent product. Jacked 3d managed to set itself apart as one of the best and most popular pre workout supplements on the market. Now, with its new formula, Jacked 3d Micro manages to continue the former product’s legacy while also differentiating itself from it.

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