Is Jacked 3d Really Banned?

The supplement Jacked 3d has enjoyed both great success and great controversy over the past couple of years. There has been talk of the possibly harmful and even fatal side effects of the supplement which has made Jacked 3d banned in a few countries and by semi-professional and professional athletic leagues. There is no reason for too much concern, though, as Jacked 3d still remains on the market to most consumers.

Jacked 3D Fatalities

The controversy over Jacked 3d started in 2011 when two soldiers died from heart attacks after using the supplement. Jacked 3d is a pre-workout supplement and the soldiers implemented it in their fitness routines. After their deaths, the United States Army launched an investigation into the supplement to determine what the cause was. The Army’s health specialists later named the active ingredient DMAA as the root cause of their death. This discovery made Jacked 3D banned among those in the military, as well as any other supplements containing DMAA.

Photo of Jacked 3d DrinkWhat is DMAA?

DMAA is also known as dimethylamyaline. The active ingredient is intended to increase metabolism, concentration, and energy. It is one of the main reasons why users of Jacked 3d report such an intense increase in their level of focus and drive while working out. Caffeine is another active ingredient in the supplement and it blends very potently with DMAA, creating a strongly felt effect in the user. Its effects can be felt within 45 to 50 minutes of using the product.

Possibly Harmful Side Effects of DMAA

 What is possibly dangerous about DMAA is how addictive it can be. Like most stimulants, it can create a certain tolerance in the user. When its effects are dulled or worn off, it can lead the user to crave more. An immoderate use of supplements containing DMAA, including Jacked 3d can be very dangerous and, as the deaths of the aforementioned soldiers evidenced, fatal as well. This is what has caused many to follow the military’s idea of having Jacked 3d banned.

Those Who Ban Jacked 3d

Because of the prevalence of supplements among athletes, many athletic leagues and organizations such as the World Anti-Doping Agency, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), and the MLB (Major League of Baseball) have made Jacked 3d banned. This is obviously due to a desire to keep their athletes safe from harm and the risk of any possible side effects. The supplement has also been strictly prohibited in Canada, where the ingredient DMAA is banned, as well as in the United Kingdom.

The FDA and Jacked 3d

Although the U.S Food and Drug Administration has not deemed Jacked 3d banned to consumers, they have still expressed notable reservations about the supplement. In 2012, they issued a warning letter to Jacked 3d’s manufacturer, as they claimed they did not receive a New Dietary Ingredient notification regarding the safety of the supplement’s DMAA content. The FDA has also issued a strong warning to its customers about the risks of DMAA, linking it to high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Jacked 3d Still Remains Popular

Despite the news of those who want Jacked 3d banned, many consumers remain avidly devoted to the supplement. It remains available in the everyday consumers. The intense rush of energy and performance enhancement experienced is the main feature that keeps the product flying off the shelves. It yields the positive results that many are looking for. Many also argue that although DMAA can be harmful in large doses, using it in moderation should cause no damaging effects.

This is the central conflict to the argument over Jacked 3d being banned. Despite the examples of fatalities among users, include a recent case of a woman who died while running the marathon, there have been just as many users who have reported nothing but benefits from using the product. It certainly works but it should be used sparingly or occasionally to ensure good health.

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